About ElectronicsLA

At ElectronicsLA, we specialize in providing replacement parts for all major brands of Cell Phones, Computers, Desktops & Automobiles. We want to be the first outlet that comes to mind for reputable parts, because we stand by our products and offer a large amount of SKU's that consumers will find refreshing while browsing our site. We're located in the Downtown Los Angeles area with a warehouse that we fulfill our online orders from, and store our inventory safely. The inventory at ElectronicsLA is always evolving and we're constantly updating our catalog of products to further meet the inevitably of a part needing a repair or replacement.

Our current category selection:

  • Aftermarket car parts
  • Aftermarket auto parts
  • Automotive aftermarket parts
  • Mechanical automotive repair
  • Computer repair parts
  • Aftermarket hardware parts
  • Computer repair
  • Laptop Screen replacement

Our specific category of products offered consists of things like a:

  • Laptop display
  • Computer display 
  • Computer screen 
  • Cell phone LCD 
  • Fuel pump control module
  • Headlight module
  • Navigation SD card
  • Smart watch display
  • Instrument cluster display
  • Headlight ballast
  • Touch screen digitizer
  • Full screen assembly
  • Internal panel LCD
  • American keyboard layout
  • Laptop bottom case
  • Laptop upper case
  • Touch pad
  • Back light
  • Digitizer
  • LCD

What differentiates us from other brands is that we are also a mobile business as well. ElectronicsLA is operating within 50 miles of the greater Los Angeles area hand delivering and supplying local brick and mortar shops to full franchises or customers who want to try and repair their own units, all at a 1-day turnaround time. Being an online store with the addition of in-person meetings gives us the flexibility and advantage to provide customers a reliable timeframe for the repairs or repair parts needed. 

For every order-in-person delivery in the Los Angeles area, ElectronicsLA will donate 1-2$ of each transaction depending on the distance to complete a repair, to a carbon-neutral project to help reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.

Our company has decided to operate as an optional mobile business to reduce wait times for part delivery & repair time, so the customers could be satisfied and get back to business! To get in touch with us regarding a mobile delivery, please either send us an email or contact us directly using the chat bubble at the bottom left of your window screen. 

  • Delivery times are 10am - 6pm PST (Los Angeles area)
  • Any in-person interaction will require a mask.
  • All parts delivered/repaired will be cleaned and sanitized prior to delivery.