Replacement For BMW 5 Series Adaptive Headlight TMS Control Module 63117316217

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2011-2012 F10 528i

2013-2013 F10 528i

2012-2012 F10 528i xDrive

2013-2013 F10 528i xDrive

2011-2012 F10 535i

2013-2013 F10 535i

2010-2014 F07 535i GT

2011-2014 F07 535i GT xDrive

2011-2012 F07 535i xDrive

2013-2013 F07 535i xDrive

2011-2012 F10 550i

2013-2013 F10 550i

2010-2014 F07 550i GT

2010-2014 F07 550i GT xDrive

2011-2012 F07 550i xDrive

2013-2013 F07 550i xDrive

2012-2012 F10 ActiveHybrid 5

2013-2013 F10 ActiveHybrid 5

2013-2013 F10 M5


Without requiring any coding, our aftermarket replacement part for BMW headlight module will replace your burned out one. The aftermarket replacement unit offered is also a plug-and-play installation for BMW adaptive headlight control module part that has gone defective, and will remove all headlight fault codes and reactivate your lights.


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