Some great ways to identify if your laptop needs replacing.

February 24, 2022 2 min read

Today, we'd like to talk about a few certain topics regarding damaged laptops. The first noticeable issue with a laptop is that when it doesn't turn on, we automatically assume that the screen or display is faulty. This is not always the case, especially with MacBook devices. Certain manufacturers have different malfunction indicators depending on usage and the quality of the device. For instance, most Macbook devices have a very thin display that can be damaged very easily with the slightest touch. One of the main issues with laptops is the airflow towards the motherboard. It's always best to have your laptop positioned in a way where there is enough air flow to avoid overheating. Once the laptop starts to overheat, there can be many components that can be affected dramatically. If the laptop is overheating for a long period of time, the connections from the display can start to get damaged and unravel and create a disconnect.

One thing to watch out for with any laptop device is to make sure that the battery does not balloon. Once a battery balloons, there is a strong chance that there could be a minor explosion because of the pressure on the battery pack. We specialize in replacement laptop displays and will soon offer replacement laptop batteries to all of our customers to ensure that they don't have to deal with these issues alone. It's best to always run a diagnostic test on your device, to ensure that everything is running properly and if there was a spike in heat or heavy usage of the ram or the graphics card, that you would be able to diagnose it properly and avoid any major damage.

After hours of usage, you might notice that the keyboard backlight may also become dim and you would have to look for a replacement. We offer plenty of replacement keyboards with and without backlights, so you know that you'll always be taken care of in a time of need. The most common with keyboard damage is that it's usually associated with some type of water damage. Water damage is consistent with laptops because of how close the keyboard is and depending on your focus level, you may not be aware of how close the liquid is to the unit. If you ever found yourself in need of a replacement laptop keyboard, or a replacement laptop display, we have a wide array of inventory and we are located in Los Angeles, California. We hope to help you out in whatever situation you have with your device. One thing to keep in mind when replacing a part on a laptop, would be to find out the proper way to open it up without causing additional damage to the unit. We recommend sourcing a toolkit that includes a Philips Driver, and a Torx screw to avoid any additional inconvenience when taking on the job. Your laptop may have hidden screws depending on the model, so keep that in mind before pulling or tugging on any loose parts. If you end up replacing the laptop LCD panel, after starting up the unit it would be best to update all the drivers to make sure that the device is properly working.

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