Why we're going carbon neutral.

May 20, 2021 2 min read

Here at ElectronicsLA, we recently decided to become a sustainable carbon neutral E-commerce business because we recently were informed about reducing our carbon footprint. We've partnered with EcoCart to provide an easy outlet to surf the web in a climate-friendly way and to contribute back to the planet offsetting our carbon emissions as a company. When we have tons of visitors online daily that create conversions and with x amount of orders monthly that are consuming electricity that come from a local power plant that is based on fossil fuels, such as coal that is causing carbon emissions also known as CO2. This causes a large amount of energy consumption resulting in a heavy load of carbon emissions into the environment, which contributes to global warming.


EcoCart gives our customers the option the offset the environmental impact of their orders and browsing time with only a single visit to ElectronicsLA.com. With our customers' help, we're starting to fund projects around the world that offset carbon. For every customer purchase, ElectronicsLA automatically contributes to a verified offset project purchasing high quality carbon offsets from projects such as the Sidrap Wind Farm Project in Sulawesi, Indonesia, the Swiss Biogas Plants in Switzerland and the Garcia River Forest Project in Mendocino, California, USA.


Every month there will be a change in our project dynamic so we can spread our contribution across the board in different sectors such as forest protection, water purification, forest management, composting, wetland protections, hydroelectric power, wind farms & biogas plants all across the globe and help save the planet by becoming a sustainable company in America. This new partnership and process will lead to a decrease in Green House Gas Emission from transportation, depending on modes and distance of transportation used by various shipping solutions available through nationwide providers like the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL and various other courier services. This service is offered at zero cost to our customers, and will always remain free, but this could not have been done without all of you who have purchased through our company, added a product to your car, referred our brand to various outlets in need of replacement parts like Macbook LCD displays and navigation SD cards or even just breezed through our site to have seen what we have to offer!


Please take a look at the available projects offered that we will be contributing to, while managing your carbon emissions efficiently and identifying potential for reductions and savings. Many people, organizations, small and large businesses have taken the next step and turned to going carbon neutral to reduce total amount of carbon footprints left by brands globally and we wanted to help raise awareness and do our part in reducing climate change around the globe. E-Commerce brands have a bad reputation for the enormous amounts of carbon emissions in the environment that contribute to climate change, from the heavy load of users and energy dedication for internet surfing, to the materials for packaging for purchases that are made, and we're committed to breaking that chain. 


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